In May of 2015, Coney’s Cones brought the fresh taste of Italy to Luna Park with the introduction of 21 flavors of artisanal gelato, hand crafted and using the most state-of-the-art techniques by world-renowned expert, Daniele Dal Sasso.

“We are proud to offer the most authentic Italian gelato made from the freshest ingredients, using the most technologically advanced equipment, manufactured in Italy,” said Brian Williams, General Manager of CAI Foods, which operates all food locations in Luna Park in Coney Island and Place to Beach. Williams said, “We can’t think of a better and more delicious way to add the already amazing food at Luna Park.”

Daniele Dal Sasso is from Vicenza, located in North East Italy. He started his career in the kitchen at the age of 15. He loved the food industry right away, but always had a strong passion for desserts. At the age of 23 he discovered and fell in love with gelato. In January of 2003, Dal Sasso and his sister decided to open their first Sweet Shop, Gelateria Dolce Idea. Located in their hometown, it was instant success. Guests traveled from all over Italy to try their creative flavors. In 2010 they expanded to a second location featuring their same signature gelato and custom cakes.

In 2012, Dal Sasso caught the attention of Zamperla Inc and Central Amusement International owner, Alberto Zamperla. After repeatedly visiting Gelateria’s locations, Dal Sasso and Zamperla developed a friendship, leading to the concept of bringing gelato to the amusement park.

Zamperla brought Dal Sasso to the United States in 2014 to start working with the team at Luna Park to develop a shop in Coney Island. Now based in New York City, Dal Sasso is heading into his second season at Coney’s Cones with the addition of exciting new flavors and a third shop location in Coney Island.

Coney’s Cones completed installation of new equipment in mid-May 2015. In addition to gelato in 24 flavors, Coney’s Cones also offers granitas, sorbet, frozen yogurt, espresso, cappuccino, coffee and iced coffee.